avatar for Julian Barbiere

Julian Barbiere

Head, Marine Policy and Regional Implementation Section
avatar for Geneviève Béchard

Geneviève Béchard

Canadian Hydrographic Services
Hydrographer General and Director General
avatar for Aileen Bohan

Aileen Bohan

INFOMAR, Geological Survey Ireland
avatar for Cassie Bongiovanni

Cassie Bongiovanni

Caladan Oceanic
Mapping Lead
avatar for Marie Bourrel-McKinnon

Marie Bourrel-McKinnon

International Seabed Authority
Senior Policy Office and Special Assistant to the Secretary General
avatar for Michael Brady

Michael Brady

U.S. Department of Defense - NGA
Maritime Cartographer
avatar for Linden Brinks

Linden Brinks

Great Lakes Observing System
Geospatial Analyst
avatar for Eunmi Chang

Eunmi Chang

University of Seoul
adjunct professor
avatar for Yi Chao

Yi Chao

Seatrec, Inc.
Founder and CEO
avatar for Ken Childress

Ken Childress

Terradepth, Inc.
Chief Operations Officer
avatar for Brian Connon

Brian Connon

VP, Ocean Mapping
avatar for Cecilia Cortina-Guzman

Cecilia Cortina-Guzman

Cartographer, Navy Officer
avatar for Karen Cove

Karen Cove

Teledyne Geospatial
Senior Manager of Products
avatar for Sean Cullen

Sean Cullen

Geological Survey Ireland
Head of Marine and Coastal Unit
avatar for Dagoberto David-Viteri

Dagoberto David-Viteri

Advisor for Hydrography and Cartography of Dirección General...
avatar for Anthony DiMare

Anthony DiMare

Bedrock Ocean Exploration, PBC
CEO & Co-Founder
avatar for Boris Dorschel

Boris Dorschel

Head of Seabed 2030 Southern Ocean Regional Center
avatar for Wetherbee Dorshow

Wetherbee Dorshow

Earth Analytic, Inc
President and Owner
avatar for Wetherbee Dorshow

Wetherbee Dorshow

Earth Analytic, Inc
President and Owner

Pierre-Yves Dupuy

SHOM - Public Services and International Relations
avatar for Miao FAN

Miao FAN

National Marine Data and Information Service - China
avatar for Vicki Ferrini

Vicki Ferrini

Head of Seabed 2030 Atlantic and Indian Oceans Regional Center
avatar for Federica Foglini

Federica Foglini

avatar for Lindsay Gee

Lindsay Gee

Ocean Exploration Trust
Mapping and Science Coordinator
avatar for Travis Hamilton

Travis Hamilton

Teledyne Caris
Product Manager - HIPS and SIPS
avatar for Erin Heffron

Erin Heffron

Ocean Mapping Services LLC
Independent Contractor, Ocean Mapping & GIS Services
avatar for Sturla Henriksen

Sturla Henriksen

United Nations Global Compact
Special Advisor, Ocean
avatar for Andy Hoggarth

Andy Hoggarth

Teledyne Caris
Director, Business Development
avatar for Martin Jakobsson

Martin Jakobsson

Co-Head of Seabed 2030 Arctic and North Pacific Ocean Regional Center
avatar for Martin Jakobsson

Martin Jakobsson

Stockholm University
avatar for Jennifer Jencks

Jennifer Jencks

IHO Data Center for Digital Bathymetry
avatar for Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping - University of New Hampshire
Data Manager
avatar for Tim Kearns

Tim Kearns

Great Lakes Observing System
avatar for Laurent Kerléguer

Laurent Kerléguer

SHOM - France
General Manager
avatar for Tomer Ketter

Tomer Ketter

Seabed 2030 Arctic & North Pacific Regional Data Center
avatar for Amon Kimeli

Amon Kimeli

Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute
Marine Geologist/Hydrographer
avatar for Diana Krawczyk

Diana Krawczyk

Greenland Climate Research Centre
avatar for Serge Lévesque

Serge Lévesque

Canadian Hydrographic Service
Technical Advisor
avatar for HE Michael Lodge

HE Michael Lodge

International Seabed Authority
Secretary General
avatar for Kevin Mackay

Kevin Mackay

Head of Seabed 2030 South and West Pacific Ocean Regional Center
avatar for Duncan Mallace

Duncan Mallace

Chief Strategy Officer
avatar for Karen Marks

Karen Marks


Chris Marshall

Canadian Hydrographic Services - Ontario & Plains and Arctic Regions
Director of Hydrography
avatar for Tinah Martin

Tinah Martin

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Staff Associate
avatar for Larry Mayer

Larry Mayer

Co-Head of Seabed 2030 Arctic and North Pacific Ocean Regional Center
avatar for Jamie McMichael-Phillips

Jamie McMichael-Phillips

Director of The Nippon Foundation - GEBCO Seabed2030 Project
avatar for Rachel Medley

Rachel Medley

NOAA - Office of Ocean Exploration and Research
Chief, Expedition and Exploration Division
avatar for David Millar

David Millar

avatar for Hugo Montoro

Hugo Montoro

Captain, Hydrographer, Independent Consultant
avatar for Carlos Mortera-Gutierrez

Carlos Mortera-Gutierrez

Senior Researcher
avatar for Kim Picard

Kim Picard

Geoscience Australia
Marine Geoscientist
avatar for Alison Proctor

Alison Proctor

Ocean Floor Geophysics
Subsea Project Engineer
avatar for Caitlyn Raines

Caitlyn Raines

Project Manager - Maritime
avatar for Satish Ramachandran

Satish Ramachandran

Co - Founder
avatar for Christiane Reiser

Christiane Reiser

Physical Scientist/Bathymetry Data Manager
avatar for Jaya Roperez

Jaya Roperez

Convener of the MtG Symposium
avatar for Dr Vladimir Ryabinin

Dr Vladimir Ryabinin

Executive Secretary
avatar for David Sandwell

David Sandwell

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
avatar for Thierry Schmitt

Thierry Schmitt

SHOM - France
Bathymetry Specialist
avatar for Lucy Scott

Lucy Scott

Agulhas & Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems (ASCLME)
Data and Science Coordinator for the UNDP GEF

Crisanto Silva-Aguilera

Simon Bolivar University
avatar for Rear Admiral Luigi Sinapi

Rear Admiral Luigi Sinapi

International Hydrographic Organization
avatar for Rear Admiral Shepard Smith

Rear Admiral Shepard Smith

NOAA - Office of Coast Survey
avatar for Helen Snaith

Helen Snaith

Head of Seabed 2030 Global Center
avatar for Hyo Sung

Hyo Sung

Ewha Womans University
avatar for Andrew Talbot

Andrew Talbot

Bathymetry Advisor
avatar for Shin Tani

Shin Tani

Chair - GEBCO Guiding Committee

Marc Thibodeau

Teledyne CARIS
Technical Support Consultant

Neil Tinmouth

SEA-KIT International
avatar for Pauline Weatherall

Pauline Weatherall

British Oceanographic Data Centre
GEBCO Digital Atlas Manager

Meredith Westington

NOAA - Office of Coast Survey
Chief Geographer

Roxy Wigley

UNH : Nippon Foundation/GEBCO Training Program
Project Director